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<p>LivePerson is probably one of the oldest live chat solution on the market - you could also say it&#39;s an &#39;old&#39; solution. A classic desktop application, only available on a specific device and not automatically up to date.</p> <p>Interface, handling and functionality have lost connection to modern solutions - obviously also LivePerson has realized that and now tries to re-establish themselves with LiveEngage - unfortunately, also here the progress is not that big...</p> <p>The questions should not be if you want to have LivePerson - the better one would be which solution to choose for a change! And not sure if LiveEngage is the right one - with this functionality and the pricing...</p> <h2 id="our-main-advantages-vs-liveperson">Our main advantages vs LivePerson</h2> <ul> <li>SAAS Solution</li> <li>Idle / offline detection. Is the visitor still online? Is my tab active? Crucial questions, which could be answered with a single glance...</li> <li>Only with prepared responses (for users, teams, languages) <em>chat</em> becomes professional <em>live chat</em> for business - with short response times and a high simultaneousness.</li> <li>Tracking. For us, tracking is a graphical visualisation of the entire visit - with inactive / active distinction and multi-Tab support!</li> <li>More than a single licence? Then our &#39;team features&#39; intelligent routing, service level, team-chat and user forwarding will give you the decisive advantage!</li> <li>Widgets. Those make your homepage interactive! Pre-Chat surveys, feedback forms, &quot;hello-bar&quot; or just a simple greeter. Widgets are a smart possibility for communication - especially for all those who are not chatting yet.</li> <li>CoBrowsing: See what your visitors see - only that is real co-browsing. For us by default.</li> <li>We don&#39;t use an outdated &#39;long-polling&#39; system - this results in a heavily reduced server workload and even less data traffic!</li> </ul>

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We are, the professional LivePerson alternative!

A Enterprise Solution for professional On-Site Marketing. Real-Time-Monitoring and Live Chat for Business-Websites.

We are not only an alternative to LivePerson - we are the better choice! The professional live chat software with real-time-monitoring for any business in every size. A slim, fast and intuitive application with outstanding and innovative live chat solution for sales, service and marketing!

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