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SnapEngage alternative

The comparison to SnapEngage

SnapEngage is a solution limited to chat only, but for little money - as long as you need exactly 4 or 8 or 16 workplaces! Besides the unfortunate price model, also their lack of functionality disqualifies them as high end live chat solution.

The user interface is difficult and not intuitive, users get hardly any support and also visitors with more than a single open tab (quite common today!) are not detected correctly...

It's also uncomfortable that a chat is lost as soon as it is terminated - for a quick chat really impractical! Furthermore, their very special 'response handling' and the missing 'chat preview' reduce the productivity even more, and for features like co-browsing or tracking you do not have to start looking...

Our main advantages vs SnapEngage

  • Idle / offline detection. Is the visitor still online? Is my tab active? Crucial questions, which could be answered with a single glance...
  • Only with prepared responses (for users, teams, languages) chat becomes professional live chat for business - with short response times and a high simultaneousness.
  • Tracking. For us, tracking is a graphical visualisation of the entire visit - with inactive / active distinction and multi-Tab support!
  • More than a single licence? Then our 'team features' intelligent routing, service level, team chat and user forwarding will give you the decisive advantage!
  • Widgets. Those make your homepage interactive! Pre-Chat surveys, feedback forms, "hello-bar" or just a simple greeter. Widgets are a smart possibility for communication - especially for all those who are not chatting yet.
  • CoBrowsing: See what your visitors see - only that is real co-browsing. For us by default.

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We are, the professional SnapEngage alternative!

A Enterprise Solution for professional On-Site Marketing. Real-Time-Monitoring and Live Chat for Business-Websites.

We are not only an alternative to SnapEngage - we are the better choice! The professional live chat software with real-time-monitoring for any business in every size. A slim, fast and intuitive application with outstanding and innovative live chat solution for sales, service and marketing!

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