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Automatical support of website analytics tools

Visitlead offers a new, exciting feature, the automatic support of the most important web analytics tools! This means that the leaders of the market Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Kissmetrics, Piwik, Woopra and Snowplow
get automatically identified and supported without the need of any adjustments on your website. All relevant data and events from both, live chat and website widgets get instantly forwarded to the analysis software and are immediately available for further evaluations.

The crucial advantage on the analytics side is quite obvious: click rate, range and efficiency of widgets and live chat are linked to your entire website data - and also it's data mining capabilities!

A perfect addition!!

The connection of both applications returns a perfect symbiosis of two solutions, which complement each other brilliantly. The strength of the analysis software lies on the overall observation of the website, on analysing data from the past and present and try to detect trends or tendencies in order to improve the website in general.

On the other hand, Visitlead excels at focusing on a single visitor, the one who makes the final call to purchase! Here, especially the additional features like Real Time Tracking or coBrowsing with real view are great additions in order to create a detailed and unique picture of every visitor! You can directly participate in every buying decision and have an dramatic impact or even establish a basic sales relationship - simply by initiating a conversation!

The currently supported systems are:

  • Google Analytics
  • Mixpanel
  • Kissmetrics
  • Piwik
  • Woopra
  • Snowplow

A modern Analytics Software and Visitlead are an awesome team.

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