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Nowadays, live chat is already common, but is still getting more and more importance throughout the entire web.

It's the obvious addition to mail and telefone - with interesting potential!

A Forrester Research Study about this topic showed, that the positive influence of a Live chat solution on a homepage if much stronger than you would assume! And it does not only improve the shopping experience, but also the motivation for a purchase!

For about 45% of the customers, online support is a huge leverage for a site. And this value also gets reflected by average sales numbers. Visitors, who chat are in general about

45% see Live Chat as important for a buying decision!

3 times more likely to buy compared to visitors who don't chat! But that is not surprising at all:

  • Live chat adds a human touch to the online shopping experience! For many customers, having someone to help and finally encourage them during the buying decision (or assisting them through the ordering process) is an outstanding bonus!

  • A good support via live chat is also increasing customer motivation to buy! On average, chatters spend about 55% more per purchase than non-chatters!

  • Chat also provides an additional advantage for communication - especially for initial business contacts! Compared to mail or telefone, chat has a much lower communication barrier! It's informal, it's anonymous and offers fast answers!

Visitlead proactive live chat solution makes it happen! Use the business potential of your website - start now

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