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Visitlead online call center

In dialog with customers for many companies the Call Center is a pivotal point. And for a long time the phone was largely the only possible communication channel.

Due to the increasing establishment of text chat and now voice call too, new options have been added to complement each other well. What are the options now to operate live chat and call center together?

The Call Center as leading system


In this case the chat is picked up like a phone call by the software and routing also – which transfers the distribution to an employee. Visitlead is in this case just in a passive mode and only responsible for chat.


From the perspective of the Call Center this is a good solution because existing processes can be maintained. Technically, the status exchange between the systems is a robust system and for scenarios with clear focus on the phone it is a recommended solution. Ultimately a chat or video call is exactly the same as a normal phone call for the Call Center. In praxis, however, that is not entirely true because the chat is a much less tight communication where from time to time there can be much longer pauses. The end of the call is hereby not as clearly defined as it is with a phone call. Furthermore, a significant advantage of the chat over the phone is lost – the simultaneity.

In an optimized system with ready-made answers a chat agent can also simultaneously lead 2 or 3 calls depending on the intensity.

We see advantages of this solution, especially in systems with smaller Call Centers with a focus on telephony. This solution was implemented already with VSE.net

Live Chat and Call Center work equally


In this case merely the status of the agent is synchronized between the systems. In both systems, in addition to its own status, the status of each system will be considered. Is now a call to an agent mediated, the Call Center software shares this occupied status with Visitlead and at the end of the call, the available status is also communicated to Visitlead. The same procedure also happens with a text/voice/video chat where Visitlead is routed to the appropriate and free employee and whose ‘occupied’ status also informs the Call Center solution.


The advantage in this version is foremost that all Visitlead functions are available and the queuing and operating on several conversations will also be obtained. There are no direct disadvantages.

One solution, for medium-sized solutions, where chat and also video/voice telephony is to be used. This concept was implemented through a partner with the provider solgari.com.


CallCenter and Live Chat are separate

In this case Call Center and Live Chat are entirely separated. Thus, eliminating the interface handling and simplifying the staffing particularly for bigger solutions because not all employees have to get trained on both systems. Every agent is clearly focused and competent in his area. Further, not every agent is so fluent with keyboard and mouse that he can handle the chat efficiently - even when he is already using the CC software. Live Chat is more IT oriented in dialog and the extended functions.


The agents’ separated responsibilities and notably reduced training effort. No practical interfaces, that need to be implemented and maintained due to the separation.

Ideal environment: mostly larger call centers with many agents.

VISITLEAD Online Call Center


Visitlead can also be operated as stand alone call center. Entirely without phone, but with all options for load-sharing, monitoring, decentralized queueing and KPI analysis. A new innovative option which offers a decisive advantage for the caller and the operator. Free and unlimited international calling - with or without video.

→ free and unlimited international calling

A new product that utilizes newest technological possibilities and innovative concepts and which is the start of a new generation of call center solutions.

A wide palette of flexible solutions, which transfer your call center and your customer service into the web, open new ways of communication and which are super adopted to behaviour of modern online shoppers. If you want to learn more please contact us directly!

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