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CRM Software and Visitlead

CRM solutions are very close to Visitlead thematically and in the customer dialog (no matter if it is an existing or new customer). If an existing customer comes to your website it is very helpful if the essential information from the CRM system is instantly available.

It is somewhat similar with a new prospect if you can apply a new Lead in your CRM system immediately from Visitlead. The same is applicable to the service, where during a chat a question can not be solved and an “issue” in the help desk system or CRM system will be applied immediately to Visitlead.

These requirements are realized within the framework of a customer project with the German CRM provider Xpecto. A customized adaptation that was realized in a short period of time via our flexible REST interface including a user interface.

The integration of the CRM Software and Live Chat brings together two areas, which are also close together in the business process and generate synergies for both key areas. Through the automatic availability of the information, the user is also relieved and stress-free working is possible.

Similar solutions can, of course, also be implemented for any other CRM system and other implementations will soon follow.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us directly.

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