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dmexco fair in Köln

The dmexco fair in Köln is a hotspot for future- and success-oriented online marketer and leaders of the digital economy. With more than 500 speaker and about 17.000 guests it is one of the most impactful marketing fairs in europe.

And also here, the topics "On-Site Marketing" and "visitor value" play an important issue.

The industry has to open several channels in order to hold it's ground. It's no longer enough to just have a website, you have to make use of it!

There can't be a difference if a visitor is buying online or offline! - Marcus Ruebsam

In one point, everybody agrees. It's still a long way for many to go, and this should definitely be a topic for every CEO.

Read the entire article here: dmexco 2015 (German!)

Our comment

Connecting online and offline - that's the next big challenge. Websites are still pretty separated from the normal business. Usually you have no idea who's currently on your website - and what he is doing there.

The visitors on your website are ultimately the same prospects, leads, customers or applicants - just like in a "real shop". The potential customer on the website is on his own. He doesn't get value accredited, doesn't get support. His, maybe determining questions stay unanswered and you sales department cannot bring in their convincing arguments. THAT's the difference between online and normal business!

What can you do? Contact form, eMail, call or pay a visit. Sure, everything makes sense. But seriously, how often have you filled out a contact form? Or have you just left the website instead? The felt ratio is like 99:1.

There is potential on your website - and a "on-site marketing" tool (like our's) is the key to it!

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