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Exit Intent, for better conversions

Exit Intent is a new innovative technique from the USA, which has developed into a real marketing hype with website developers.

It is about a very crucial moment. Precisely about the moment in which the visitor wants to leave your website or browser tab! The system automatically detects an imminent exit scenario and inserts an offer or a special bonus that cannot be overlooked by the visitor just in time.

This way two strong impressions influence the visitor. The first is highly visual due to the usually very placative and dominant fade-in, the second through the therein included use and customer advantage. In a surprisingly high number of cases, the combination of both generates attention and interrupts the visitor on his way to the "Close" button. In conclusion this results in a more extensive dwell time, which may result in the email address of the visitor and at best an additional order.

97% of visitors leave the site without making a purchase!

This function's potential is impressive when one considers that around 97% of visitors exit a website without making a purchase or contact. One must bear in mind that every single customer means marketing effort and therefore costs time and money. Whether it was a Mailing or a more or less cheap click on a Google AdWord, your website visitor has a value. Hence one should attempt to achieve the best outcome.

The best results are reached if the content is adjusted specifically to the individual target groups (in Visitlead per customer profile) and the Exit Widget is used in moderation and not in too short distances. In this case less is more.

This could be a ...

  • the registration for the Newsletter
    exit intent
  • a limited discount
    exit intent
  • the latest news / new features
    exit intent
  • and much more!

All-In-One Solution

Visitlead is the first provider that does not offer this innovative feature as a stand-alone solution, but has directly integrated it into the existing application. Particularly the interaction with other features such as live chat, widgets, tracking or CoBrowsing create synergy effects which significantly increase the value additionally.

For the sake of evaluation the insertions as well as the customer responses are passed directly to the included analytics software (Google Analytics, Piwik, Kissmetrics, Mixpanel, Woopra, Snowplow) automatically. This ensures and enables a successful evaluation at any time. The results can also be analysed in combination with other data. Traceable marketing as it should be.

No special installation is required for Visitlead. Simply choose a suitable template and customize it to your requirements. That's all. The Exit widget is automatically set via a profile, but can be changed or removed by the user at any time.

Exit Intent is a perfect addition to the existing Visitlead features. Another chance to generate sales from the website visitors.

Give it a try yourself! Exit Intent for your Homepage

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