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6 Ways to boost your website

It is not always easy to bring high quality traffic to a website, even if you have good contents, an awesome website with great design, interesting services or offers. But as long as nobody visits your site, all the effort is pretty much pointless.

There many ways to increasing and optimize your traffic, the 6 listed below are giving good results and are very affordable.

Make good use of your Analytics software

You have to know what you got to improve.

The first and probably most important step is to know your audience, where your visitors come from and what are they interested in. Tools like Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Piwik, Snowplow etc. are an very crucial source of data. And since most of those solution offer a free version, we highly recommend one of those tools!

Visitors mainly come from 4 different sources: , directly, via search engines, referrals sites or social media platforms. Knowing where you get your visitors from will help you to identify where you have the most potential and which platforms have the most impact. You might also learn which areas need improvement and which ones are worth it to invest money and time on. This is a perfect information when planning your promotional and content strategy.

Apart from this data, it is also useful to monitor your visitors in real time. Some of the analytics providers also include this option, but finally they are lacking the possibility to interact with website visitors. For this problem, a live chat solution is a good solution. It not only improves the profitability of your website in general but also can help to understand your visitors better! Some live chat providers send their real time data directly to the analytics software - which makes it even easier to analyze it and seek correlations.

Content is King

You probably have heard this numerous times already, but it is a fact: the best way to attract people to your site is by creating good quality, in-deep content. And by quality content we mean information that is of real value to your readers.

"Content marketing is the only marketing left." Seth Godin.

Some of the tips that we can offer you are when it comes to content are:

  • Never stop innovating. Don’t stick to a single style, mix up the lengths, formats and various topics of your content, include video, infographics and other visual support, etc. This will help you reach different kinds of readers and also enables you to focus on the most effective topics.

  • Pay attention to headlines. Headlines are the most important part of an article, and are very important when it comes to attracting readers. The majority of the people decide whether or not to read an article depending on how catchy the headline is (especially if the visitor comes from a search engine as Google where there are thousands of other similar sites listed).

  • Upload new content regularly. It enhances your visibility in search engines and might also boost your ranking.

Don’t forget about your On-Site SEO

This is related to the previous point but is important on its own. When writing new content you should always remember to optimize it for search engines. Pay attention to the image alt text, the meta descriptions and make sure your text and titles are keyword-rich. However, do not spam your keywords!

Internal linking is very important as well. It may seem like just a way of simplifying the navigation on your site, but it is also a key tactic when it comes to SEO. It helps building the authority of deeper pages on your site and keeps the reader engaged and interested.

And always use original content. It’s simply not worth risking a penalty from google (or similar..)

Get social

Social Media is a great resource when it comes to broadcasting and promoting your content and a great and cheap way of increasing traffic to your site.

So be proactive with your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest accounts and don’t forget to implement social plugins on your website that will make it easier to share your content and increase your visibility on social networks.

Finally, try exploring social bookmarking sites like Reddit or Digg. A great and fast (it takes less than a minute to bookmark a site!) way to make your site public.

This is quite obvious and you don’t even have to spend a lot of money when it comes to advertising your site. Nowadays we have paid search, social media advertising and display advertising that are all affordable and excellent ways of attracting visitors. You can monitor the campaigns and modify them if needed, while controlling the money you spend on them.

Our tip: when it comes to Paid Search, try optimizing your keyword targeting focusing on long-tail keywords. There is far less competition (and therefore they are also much cheaper) while still generating much and high quality traffic.

Improve user satisfaction.

This last point may not be seen as that important when it comes to driving traffic to a site - but it’s more important than people think.

Google measures satisfaction as users click on search results. And how can Google measure such a subjective thing? By the so called 'pogosticking' or 'return-to-SERP'. Google label a visitor as “unsatisfied” if he return to Google to look for answers somewhere else.

So, the best way to keep your visitors satisfied is by having great content on your website! It always come back to it. Keep them engaged and be there if they have doubts. One of the best ways to keep them happy and boosting their satisfaction is by giving a great customer service, so a live chat solution is great solution when it comes to boosting visitors happiness. Especially if your live chat offers the possibility to send interactive widgets or exit intent widgets - like we do!

Try it out yourself! Start your free trial!

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