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Live Chat used in the right way

There is no doubt that Live Chat software is a powerful tool at improving online service, but also helps boosting your online sales and keeping visitors engaged with your site. However, just like every tool, you have to know how to use it properly in order to get the best out of it.

We have compiled some of the best practises or tips to help you squeeze the most out of you live chat, improve your chatting skills and efficiency and boost the satisfaction levels of your customers.

Before starting

Make it appealing for your customer to start chatting!

  • Be sure the chat box is visible but also fits naturally into your site. You want your visitors to start chatting, but nothing is more annoying than a chat box or popups appearing constantly at the center of the screen. Side or bottom of the page are the the best locations to position the chat box.
  • Personalize your message. You can create profiles wich individual messages for each site, so try to optimize them as possible, even with different questions/statementes for each site!
  • Use your picture and name in the chatbox. Adding these details will procure a more personal touch and will let the customers know that they are dealing with a real person!

Chat like a pro

Tips for handling even the most difficult questions

  • Be prompt. You should try to answer the chat quickly. Your visitors expect instant response when they start a chat session, so two minutes is the maximum they are willing to wait. If you have to answer a complex question, split up your answer so that you can minimize the waiting time.
  • Use automated responses. They will save you a lot of time. However, do not exceed it with them because there’s a danger of starting sounding robotic. Use them freely but keep them personal!
  • Write short and clear. The faster customers problems are solved, the higher is customer satisfaction. If you need to add more detail it’s ok but be sure you have answered the main concern as quick as possible.
  • Watch your language. The rule here is to mirror your customer way of speaking, so if they type informally it is ok to reply with a lighter tone. However be aware of the spelling and grammar. At the end of the day you are talking with a potential customers, not sending a message to your friends or an email to a colleague.
  • Watch your attitude. Be friendly, cheerful and polite and never give the impression of being curt. Patience is also a great benefit when chatting so let them set the pace of the conversation. By the end of the chat revmind them that you we’ll be available for them if they have any other question. -Miscommunication can happen. No matter how well you are handling a chat, the truth is that when you can't see or hear the voice of the other person, miscommunication is always a possibility. How to avoid it? Avoid sarcasm and jokes!
  • Be truthful but still helpful. If you don’t know the answer to a question better to say it politely than give the wrong answer. Use the forward feature and pass the chat to a colleague that can provide the right answers. Or simply say to the customer that you don’t have the answer in that moment but that you are going to investigate it and get back to them shortly.

Finally, one more advice. Use the available feature for better productivity!

If you can’t answer a question properly, forward it to someone else. If you do not want to get distracted by visitors, create a hidden profile. Keep track of what your visitors are doing and looking for - with tracking and coBrowsing. There are so many ways to keep efficiency up and quality high - don’t waste that potential!

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