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Live Chat Plugin for Joomla

With Joomla we now have a VISITLEAD Plug-in for all bigger CMS systems - to which Joomla with it`s more than 2 million installs surely belongs to. A big base with largely commercial websites. Exactly the right target group for Visitlead.

Integrating our LiveChat in Joomla is in principle dead easy but still there is an explanatory video which can be found on this website. There you will find a detailed explanation, but like mentioned before - it is very easy. Install Plug-in, enter CID and done.

Offer your customers and interested people personal and immediate contact on your website. Telephony - free of cost, unlimited and worldwide. Also as VideoChat. Present your products and services directly in a browser without PlugIns and without Downloads. Guide and accompany your interested parties with our CoBrowsing,...

Innovative possibilities which connect your website immediately with the company, allow new services, generate Leads and bring your company one step in front of your competition.

You can try out Visitlead any time free of cost and without commitment. Or we can schedule an appointment for an online presentation. Experience all of our functions live. Try it out. You will be amazed at what your homepage can do, know and achieve. For service, sales and marketing.

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