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Chat in the generation change

We recently discovered an interesting article on softwareadvice.com, the trusted resource for CRM buyers, which clarifies the general advantages and benefits of live chat. Also, it covers the generation change and the different acceptance of chat solutions as alternative communication methods compared to chat and telephone.

The article was written unbiased and is based on a survey with 350 random customers and 30 companies, which are using such a tool on their website.

Here the full article: Impact of Demographics on Live Chat

Our opinion

This article reflects pretty much our opinion about advantage and benefits of a live chat system. Because basically, every visitor on your website is interested in your product - and is probably immediately before a buying decision. Those are good, almost perfect conditions for a real business opportunity!

Regardless of industry, live chat brings great benefits for sales & service!

Live chat becomes more and more viable in general, mostly because it gets common and people are getting used to it. Especially for younger people, live chat is a daily used tool - with facebook or other social media platforms.

Try Live chat for yourself! Live Chat for your website

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