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Live Chat and Knowledgebase

Live Chat is almost in any case a dialog with existing or potential clients and will be realized by service or marketing. External communication which affects the awareness of the business or brand - positively or negatively.
An incompetent employee or the wrong information that was passed along are besides considerably too long response times the most sensitive aspects for a negative perception.

And yet the requirements for a LiveChat user are very different, depending on the industry. The spectrum stretches from simple questions, which can be answered with a little common sense or a look into the CRM system to attend the customer. The more sophisticated a product or the more sensitive a topic (finance, health…) the higher the requirements are for the chat user. This gives an increase in the stress factor and also a susceptibility to errors.

USU As part of a project in the financial sphere a comfortable and innovative connectivity of a Live Chat software was implemented over our flexible REST interface in a professional Knowledge Base System. In that specific case it was the Knowledge Center of USU.

Automatically show the “right” answers

The USU system was integrated as an addition to the VISITLEAD Canned Responses. The Chat entry of the visitor is sent constantly to the Knowledge Center and the suggested answer which is determined by the system will be displayed directly on VISITLEAD. The user can access selected articles and texts at any time without any further interaction.

A seamless integration which simplifies the workflow, essentially supports the user and ultimately improves the quality in service and marketing significantly. Through the flexible interface this or a similar solution can be implemented with other solutions as well.

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