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Live Chat Software for Hotel websites

Good service is essential for every successful hotel, so why don’t offer it also on your website?

Visitlead live chat software enables you to communicate with your websites visitors - which will leave a great first impression! It will allow you to answer important questions instantly and provide personalized and immediate support.

Perfect service, also on your Website!

Furthermore, adding a human face to your homepage by providing online live chat service can be the one, essential difference to your competitor! With our solution for hotel websites it's finally possible to provide sales arguments, but also perfect customer service on the spot, giving your potential guests a preview of your excellent service.

New possibilities - even during the booking process!

In most hotel websites the booking process is a passive system, with absolutely no interaction between the hotel staff and the visitors. However, this is completely different from a normal hotel environment, where the employee-customer contact is an essential part of the service! A great memory of a hotel is mostly established through the little things, like the employees, the room design, or the breakfast. These little things can make the difference - and can now be extendet to your website!

Better feedback

For a successful hotel, also the feedback of customers is an essential criteria. And this is where our website widgets come into play. A simple and fast way for guests to leave feedback, give suggestions or leave critique about the their experience. Especially for critique such a direct and non-public channel is very beneficial.

And finally, co browsing. The powerful feature to help your potential guests during the choosing and booking process - while looking over their shoulders!

Live chat for hotel marketing is a great opportunity to optimize the effectivity of your website and to increase your guest satisfaction. Extend your reception to to your website - with Visitlead Live Chat Software!!

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