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Value of a Website Visitor

20. July 2015klaus

Value of a visitor

When talking about visitors (who are basically the aim of all online efforts!!), you speak about figures, about an anonymous mass, and best deal with them in thousands. You analyze their behaviour, and then push them as efficient as possible through your homepage. Almost like a herd of sheeps… Read more

All features summarized!

11. June 2015florian

Our first video

Visitlead offers as Enterprise On Site Marketing a wide portfolio of features. For a good general overview and insight we created a round about 3 minutes long video. Go check it out, like and share it!

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Live Chat for TYPO3

28. April 2015klaus


A new Typo3 Plugin is now available for Visitlead - this means it can be installed easily direct from the Typo3 extension repository. Read more

Exit Intent. Don't leave my site!

10. April 2015klaus

exit intent Exit Intent is a new innovative technique from the USA, which has developed into a real marketing hype with website developers.

It is about a very crucial moment. Precisely about the moment in which the visitor wants to leave your website or browser tab!

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6 Ways to increase your web traffic

30. March 2015alejandra

6 Ways to boost your website It is not always easy to bring high quality traffic to a website, even if you have good contents, an awesome website with great design, interesting services or offers. But as long as nobody visits your site, all the effort is pretty much pointless… Read more

How to ‘Live Chat’ the right way

02. March 2015alejandra

There is no doubt that Live Chat software is a powerful tool at improving online service, but also helps boosting your online sales and keeping visitors engaged with your site. However, just like every tool, you have to know how to use it properly in order to get the best out of it. Read more

Live Chat in the generation change

23. February 2015florian

Impact of demographics for live chat We recently discovered an interesting article on softwareadvice.com, the trusted resource for CRM buyers, which clarifies the general advantages and benefits of live chat. Also, it covers the generation change and the different acceptance of chat solutions as alternative communication methods compared to chat and telephone. Read more

Live Chat - the smart advantage for hotels

05. February 2015klaus

Website marketing for hotels

The hotel business is one of the branches which has changed a lot through the internet. Nowadays, guests are independent and also the selection of the hotel - and of course the booking process have changed a lot… Read more