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5 reasons for live chat

27. January 2015florian

top 5 reasons for live chat

Customer service plays a huge role in todays business. Leads are difficult to acquire and brand loyalty is lower than ever before. A great chance for new ideas. Read more

B2B leads generation

13. January 2015crazyegg.com

b2b generation

The hardest challenge in today’s b2b marketing? Quite obvious, the lead generation! But the question remains - how do I get new leads? Read more

Live chat in the cosmetic branch

28. December 2014lead-digital.de

Livechat in the cosmetic branch

Regarding to a recently published report in the Beauty 2014, ‘online’ is a growing trend - also in the cosmetic branch. Alongside the almost doubled SEO Budget, also the customer support on the web (and with that also live chat!) gains more and more importance. Read more

Leads generator ‘Website’

19. November 2014klaus

Ready for takeoff!

For a successful sales department, leads are crucial. No new leads - no new customers. The classic ways of acquiring good leads (like advertisements, exhibitions or mailings) are well established - but compared to the possibilities offered by the internet, they are lagging far behind. An unused business opportunity ...

Business advantage "live chat"

01. November 2014florian

Großartige Customer Experience!

Nowadays, live chat is already common, but is still getting more and more importance throughout the entire web.

It’s the obvious addition to mail and telefone - with interesting potential! Read more

Potential of a website - a basic idea

28. October 2014klaus

The basic idea

The initial idea for Visitlead was formed during a discussion about the use and extended purpose of a website. Which chances and potentials does it offers for sales and support?

And finally we found it, the sparking idea. It’s surprising how simple, how obvious… Read more