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Visitlead Plugin for Shopware

After presenting our Contao and Wordpress Plugins, another plugin is added today: Shopware! Another German product nd which is very popular with smaller and middle-sized businesses.

Regardless of whether a business is B2B or B2C oriented, VISITLEAD offers you ideal solutions for either field.

Shopware and VISITLEAD both target a similar, almost identical, audience, as we clearly focus the SME market, too. Shopware, already embedded commercial use in its name. Commercial users operating their website with a commercial goal in mind – those are our customers as well. What belongs together should grow together and that was an essential reason for us to develop a Shopware plugin.

Installing the Shopware Plugin

The plugin installation is as easy as can be – just like you’re used to from Shopware. Here is a short overview of the steps you need to take:

Risks – Costs?

Using our plugin will lead to no further costs or obligations. You also don’t have to explicitly cancel anything or add a credit card. This also applies to the VISITLEAD account you need to create. If you do not click “order”, you won’t see any costs or obligations. Therefore, why not just install the plugin and give it a try? Nothing to lose.

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions. We will happily show you how to transform your “showcase” website into a real “business” website with VISITLEAD and which possibilities VISITLEAD will bring to you and how your customers will profit from this addition.

You’re with a Web Agency?

Your advantage Perfect! In that case you should present VISITLEAD to your customers. We offer an attractive partner model, but there are also other interesting possibilities.

Especially our more advanced features, such as Widget, Dynamic Content, or our API and REST interface have great potential. These are all about HTML, CSS and JavaScript – and that is your service. An advantage for your customer is also to your advantage after all.

More Business – with VISITLEAD

Using VISITLEAD not only integrates modern Live Chat, Voice Chat, Video Chat, Screensharing, Monitoring … and many other features into your website: VISITLEAD is an entire OnSite marketing solution. A consistent and complete sales- and business philosophy for your business website that helps you offer great service to your visitors from the very first moment they enter your website to the very last second before they leave.

VISITLEAD connects the online visitors of your Shopware website with your business. Interact and communicate in real time with the visitors of your website. As, if you are stand at a fair booth.

Don´t leave your website alone – VISITLEAD.com

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