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5 reasons for live chat

Customer service plays a huge role in todays business. Leads are difficult to acquire and brand loyalty is lower than ever before. A great chance for new ideas.

Especially in this times, a unique difference to competitors could be the one, decisive difference. Live Chat offer a huge potential in this situation - not only for a great first impression and easy online leads generation, but also for improving the effectiveness of the online support!

And this also gets represented by the fact that more and more ecommerce websites are starting to use a live chat on their website to provide good service and fast answers - rather than having customers leave the websites! But real time chatting with a customer expert does not only increase customers‘ confidence during the buying decision, but also helps to improve your conversion rates. Another great side effect is that it also improves the customer loyalty! Customers tend to return to pages with good service - and live chat is an good possibility to offer it!

Why live chat software is essential for every business

1. Today a competitive advantage - tomorrow a must have!

It’s never been more important to stand out among your competitors as nowadays. The amount of business rivals is tremendous and is increasing every day. In such a harsh competiton, a good service might be the only way to differenciate yourself! This does not only gets recognized by small and medium sized businesses - also corporates like Apple, SKY, Virgin Airlines, and many more are starting to use a live chat application to be one step ahead of competition!

2. Talk fast and in real time with customers

The first and probably most important advantage is that live chat is very convenient for customers! You do not have to find a number, you do not have to expose your email adress. Just click on the chatbox and state your question. For many online consumer the possibility of instant answers to any questions is a major feature of modern websites!

Basically, there are two types of customers: There are the potential buyers (awesome leads!); they use live chat most commonly in situations where they…

  • want to know more about product specifications
  • are having troubles finding specific item on the website
  • are comparing products / services
  • are looking for another opinion on a particular item

These scenarios enormously influence purchase decisions - especially nowadays, where the competitor is always just a single click away.

The second group of potential „live chatters“ are your already obtained customers. The most common reasons why they use live chat are ...

  • Want to order something or want to know the status of their order
  • Have specific questions about your product or service
  • Want to report bugs or suggest improvements in your service

Basically every single of those situations is a highly interesting sales opportunity - or at least a opportunity to improve the relationship to your customers!

3. A cheaper alternative to Mail and Phone!?

Live Chat is very cost effective. Mainly because of those 3 reasons: It increases efficiency by allowing live chat agents handle multiple chats simultaneously - with at least eqal quality! And with features like semi automatic responses, agents can chat even more effective! The average order value increases! Customers get realtime advice and answers to any questions they might have - this increases not only the average purchasing sum per cart but also the eagerness to buy! It reduces overall helpdesk center costs by lowering the waiting queue time when compared to a call center.

4. Improve conversion rate and sales

A live agent, who is standing by your customers side, assisting and guiding them through the site adds confidence and creates trust - two factors that tend to increase the overall money a customer is willing to spend. In average, a positive chatting experience leads to a higher average order value - by up to 20%! But if you want to get out the most out of your live chat solution, one aspect is really important. The training of your representatives! Provide them with insightful knowledge about your products by adding canned responses and equip them with discount coupons, which they can offer to customers who are still hesitating before purchase. Let them convert your website visitors into happy customers!

5. Gain long time customers

Only satisfied customers will visit your site again - and only those can be converted into long term customers! Improve your business relationship to them and start creating happy customers!

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