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Value of a Website Visitor

When talking about visitors (who are basically the aim of all online efforts!!), you speak about figures, about an anonymous mass, and best deal with them in thousands. You analyze their behaviour, and then push them as efficient as possible through your homepage. Almost like a herd of sheeps...

But is this really suitable for a visitor of a business website? Is this visitor really just a dumb "sheep"? Isn't it much more likely that this visitor is a decision maker, a manager, a business executive or a marketing person - someone with a budget, who is also willing to spend it?!

Okay, not every visitor is a potential new customer, an existing client or an interesting applicant, but even if you subtract 40% of the entire traffic for the bounce rate, 10% for competitors and an additional 20% for everything else, there are still a lot of highly interesting leads on your website. Every Day!

Because what do those remaining 3% of the traffic are looking for on your site? They are not looking for gumboots, and neither for a new set of tires. No, they are looking for your product! They are on your website, looking for your product - right now! And best of all? They are right before a buying decision! A perfect lead, immediately in front of you...

Right product & place, with the right timing. Perfect Leads!

Modern On-Site Marketing Solutions are trying to make profit out of the value of every single visitor and his potential and offer a huge potential with innovative features - for every commercial homepage! Every website without professional On-Site Marketing - makes a huge mistake!

Whats more? Of course, every visitor also creates costs! This starts with the development and the operation of the website, the current expenses for content creation, cost of AdWords or other marketing campains - and not to forget - the expenses for SEO and SEM!

All together, this is a significant amount of money! It's at least not reasonable to let those chances go to waste. Try Visitlead on your website!

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