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Integrate Visitlead in Blogger

By integrating VISITLEAD Real Time Monitoring and Live Chat Software into your Blogger website, you can reach your online leads and customers in a complete new and outstanding way. Boost your conversion rate and reduce your service costs.

An individual approach, simple, fast and innovative. A great experience for your clients.

Professional Live Chat solution for your Blogger website.

Use it in Blogger

  1. Copy in VISITLEAD your personal code snippet into the clipboard.

    How to get your code snippet?

    • If you don´t have a account: create
    • If you have already a account: login
    • When you are logged in, click in the menu on 'Administration' and then on 'Integrate'
  2. Open the Blogger the template

    Open your Blogger template Open your Blogger template
  3. Now click on 'Edit HTML' which is under the preview of your current template.

    Edit the current Blogger template
  4. Now insert your code snippet, best as first script tag!

  5. Save & Close.

    To check, reload the changed page in the browser and open the menu item 'Workspace' in VISITLEAD. In the upper area (grid) should now appear a new visitor.


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