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By integrating VISITLEAD Real Time Monitoring and Live Chat Software into your Volusion website, you can reach your online leads and customers in a complete new and outstanding way. Boost your conversion rate and reduce your service costs.

An individual approach, simple, fast and innovative. A great experience for your clients.

Enterprise On-Site marketing for your Volusion website.

Use it in Volusion

  1. Copy in VISITLEAD your personal code snippet into the clipboard.

    How to get your code snippet?

    • If you don┬┤t have a account: create
    • If you have already a account: login
    • When you are logged in, click in the menu on 'Administration' and then on 'Integrate'
  2. Navigate from your Dashboard to 'Templates'.

    Change the Volusion template
  3. Edit the HTML-Section of your current template.

    Edit it's html section and start using visitlead
  4. Now insert your code snippet, best as first script tag!

    Vor dem schlie├čendem </body> tag.

  5. Save & Close.

    To check, reload the changed page in the browser and open the menu item 'Workspace' in VISITLEAD. In the upper area (grid) should now appear a new visitor.


About Volusion Shop

Volusion is one of the best eCommerce solutions available because it offers ample features, a simple interface and strong security tools.

Try it on your Volusion website

( also as simulation - without installation! )