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Live chat software?

The better solution

Compared to other branches the web has an incredible speed of evolving. In the past 20 years the 'text-only' sites disappeared and the whole web changed completely. Big, established companies vanished because they couldn’t keep up with the rate of technological inventions and small startups took their place. Working processes which have been developed for years now can no longer succeed and disappear from the market. A rough time.

Within the first step of web evolution, the homepage became not only an obligation, but also a standard for modern companies. And then, with web 2.0, also e.commerce got popular. The idea to make money with a homepage! A process which changed (and still changes) the focus from doing business in a shop to doing it online.

For many companies, the homepage is already a main sorce of gaining new leads and aquire new customers. Therefore, they put the url on stationaries, company cars and business - to encurate partners, customers and also leads to visit the site.

Your homepage is a meetingpoint for all those who are interested in your company and your product. Right now! What else do you want?

Maybe there is one thing. Communication. Between your visitors and your sales and service. And that’s why we made this app. The time has come - ramp up your site!

What makes us unique:

Live Chat is especially for support a great idea. You can quickly react to customer needs and do not have to send mails and create tickets for every little issue. But in sales, chat is not always enough since you do not have communication with the visitor yet! And not every visitor wants to chat!

Therefore, visitlead aims at providing perfect features for everybody. That starts with our routing (so every visitor gets to the agent who fits best for the visitor's needs), goes on with our widgets (with which you can provide individual contents on a very low participation level) and finishes with our Screensharing.

This is what makes us unique. We do not focus only on support topics - we also want to give your sales the opportunity to make a happy customer out of every website visitor!

Interact and communicate with your online visitors - because everyone of them is valuable!

Additionally, we are ...

  • super fast!
  • It works with latest technology and uses top-modern standards to give you fast and waiting free user interface with highest productivity!

  • super easy!
  • The best solution is useless if it is too complicated to handle! Therefore, one of our core intentions was to make the ui intuitive and easy to use - so that everybody can instantly work productive with it!

  • super features!
  • It´s unique. And so are it's features! Even with our standard license you can do really cool things - which you cannot do with any other solution on the market!

  • super awesome!
  • You will not really understand what we are talking about unless you tried it out for yourself..

So, here are two words of advice. Try it