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Visitlead reseller program

Win new customers and offer existing customers new possibilities - and expand your business relationship with them!

Our special offer (with Real Time Monitoring, CoBrowsing, Live Chat, Exit Intent, Interactive Widgets, ...) is a great option to achieve that!

A win win situation for everyone

Fits for which customers?

Basically Visitlead is a good idea for every homepage with commercial use - completely independent of size or branche of a company

How does it work?

You get a provision whenever one of your customer completes his payment - as long as the customers account exists.

There are two ways to register new customers with your ID:

  • First one is to post a link to our website somewhere (with your Partner ID). If someone clicks that link and decides to buy Visitlead after the trial period, this is automatically your customer - and your provision.

  • The second possibility is in our 'partner section' in the application. You can create new accounts manually, and each of them is automatically associated with you acount.

Remarks: Of course all services (like setup or training) are 100% your earnings. Do you have any cost? No! You can also get our partner with our free version.

As our partner you get...

  • 20% of any payments from all clients you brought in.
  • the latest market and product information from us!
  • access to our partner channel

What's next?

  1. Create a regular account.
  2. Login and go to the administration section.
  3. Copy the 'cid' out of your tracking code snippet.
  4. Send us an eMail with your cid at sales[at]visitlead[.]com. Please also add a link to your homepage.
  5. When your request gets accepted we will inform you and activate your partner panel immediately.

Don't hesitate - don't wait. Join our partner community!

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