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Magento live chat plugin

Extend you Magento business website with live chat (text chat, voice chat, video chat) and professional on-site marketing.
Magento live chat for business websites

Magento is, in terms of eCommerce, Shopsystem and CMS one of the leading provider and one of the most successful solutions.

And eCommerce is exactly the environment, where Visitlead can bring substantial improvements to performance.

This starts with the time a visitor spends on the site, the entire buyingg process and ends with reduction of purchase abortions.

But the real advantage is the direct contact to the customer. This prevents mistakes and makes communication much easier.

Don't let your (Magento) Website alone. VISITLEAD.com

The Magento live chat integration can be implemented as usual Live Chat Software (text, voice, video) into your website - but also as an all-in-one On-Site Marketing Solution. For the vistitors, your homepage changes into an interactive website with interactive shopping experience. Pretty awesome.

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