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per month / licence


per month / licence

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Feature listLive Chat +RTMDynamics

Core Features

Chat Queueing

?Saved visitor history

File exchange (Drag&Drop)

?Detailed visitor information
Desktop Notifications
?Multiple Offline methods (Leave a Message, ...)
?Multi domains und sites
?Smart routing and load-balancing
User Teams (with option to 'separate')
Internal Teamchat (Text / Voice / Video)
Visitor & Chat forwarding
?Target group segmentation (profiles)
?Multi-language and team-oriented response templates
Alerts and bounce-filter
Search in visitor history
?Autom. Analytics support (Google, Piwik, Woopra, Mixpanel, Kissmetrics)
Free integration into CMS, Blog or Shop Websites
API access and custom CSS (for Developers)
?SSL secured
?Advanced privacy protection mode

Full Featured Chat Solution

?Live Chat (Conversations and concurrent chats)unlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Pre-chat survey

Custom Chatbox & Attention Grabber. Details

Typing preview
?Automatic response suggestions (canned responses)
Multilingual Spellchecker
'Chat not answered' logic
Chat rating
Chat transcrips
Chatbox states
?Chatbox activity indicator
Page specific chatbox


?Voice Chat (Calls)
?Video Chat (Calls)

Visitor Monitoring

?Geo monitoring (zoomable, interactive worldmap)
?realCo-Browsing with ScreenView
?Form Peek
?Live Heat Map
?Visual Tracking
?Domain name identification

Advanced Engagement



?Interactive Website Widgets
?Exit Intent
?Tracking across domains/subdomains

Service & Support

?Advanced manual
Email Support
Phone Support

Available Addons / Options


SUPERVISOR (Realtime Monitoring & Worktime Scheduler)

Realtime Monitor Worktime Scheduler
?White Label Option9,00
?Backend connectorsPlease contact us directly
?Self hosted installationPlease contact us directly

Good to know ...

No credit card is needed for registration!

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Useable on all your websites without additional costs.

You only need as many licenses as users are online at the same time.

We are cloudbased and accessable from every device and platform.

Developed with the latest technology for much more than just 'live chat'.

A Live Chat Software for every kind and size of business.

When the free trial ends, your account automatically turns into a free version.


* Licences are counted by concurrent logged in user. Every paid license includes 40.000 visitors/month. The entire account limit is calculated by [number of licences * 40.000]. If the limit is reached, our features are hidden. Higher visitor volumes can be ordered additionally.