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Visitlead for car trading

The internet has changed the course of business fundamentally in many industries – the car sales market is surely one of them.

The trip to the car dealer used to be the only way to get information or a flyer about a car a few years ago

  • and this early contact with potential customers had significant advantages for the seller. He could bring his arguments into the conversation, respond to the client's individual requests and establish a personal relationship with him.

Of course this situation still exists nowadays, but it occurs much later in the sales process. The entire pre-evaluation or gathering of information happens in the internet – and clients which come into the car store are already well informed and reasonably close to their final decision.

The first decisions are made on the homepage!

Ultimately this means that many decisions are already made online, where the dealer and the dealership have neither awareness nor influence!

The value of the Homepage

In the today's market communication the link to the website is always included. Be it the company car, letterhead, business card or a flyer … it's always there, with the aim to draw as many qualified visitors as possible to the website. And when someone arrives, you have already achieved three crucial points:

  • the visitor is on the correct site (yours)
  • he is interested in the right offer (your vehicles/brand)
  • and (crucial from a sales point of view) he hasn't made his decision yet!

This applies to existing customers as well as to new customers. All of them are high-quality sales opportunities which you should take care of - with Visitlead!

In practice

When somebody enters your site, the salesman will hear a “Ding Dong” - exactly as if a customer would enter your car dealership. It doesn't just ring at any dealer, but at one who is currently free, whose branch is the nearest or who is responsible for the required brand. The system automatically connects the visitor with the right salesman, the one who is the most suitable for his request.

A potential buyer can be evaluated exactly the same way online as one would on-site. One can see what brand or price category he is after in real time, how often he has visited the site and for how long. Therefore one can evaluate very well how precise and interested the visitor is.

There are also a number of options to get in touch with a potential client. For example one can insert individual content for the visitor – this could be a test drive, a current demonstration offer or a manufacturer campaign. Each individually adjusted to the current visitor.

Should the potential customer have a question, he can directly contact the salesman via Live Chat. The advantage over …

  • e-Mail: It is informal with an immediate answer within seconds – not within days!
  • Telephone: No waiting, no forwarding!

Chat, for many this has long since become an everyday form of communication and perfect for a business environment in early stages of decisions!

Exit Intent

Another innovative technique is Exit Intent.

With Exit Intent the visitor's behavior can be monitored and right before the closing of the browser tab – just in time – a last argument is blended in. Possible ideas for this include:

  • signing up to the newsletter
  • a gift coupon
  • a raffle
  • an invitation to a test drive
  • ...

Exit Intent has a surprisingly high efficiency level – and is therefore usually perceived very positively by clients due to its advantage. Read more about Exit Intent

All-In-One Solution

Summarizing, Visitlead among others offers the decisive competitive advantage (equally suitable for new and second-hand car market. The efficiency of the homepage is traceable improved - and in addition to the sales-oriented benefits, offers a substantial advantage for the service.

Visitlead can be easily integrated into your website and can be tested as a 10 day free trial. If you have any questions about our products or the individual implementation in your company, feel free to contact me directly! Klaus Muckenhuber - 0043 7247 50315 - 20

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